The Question You Must Answer!

In 2005 I began a journey I didn’t know I was going on. It was early January and I walked into a bookstore looking for a book for my wife. You know, that book that you think she needs to read. I know I can hear all you right now saying, “What an idiot!” I again learned that the Good Lord works in mysterious ways. The book that jumped off the shelf was Matthew Kelly’s, The Rhythm of Life-Living Everyday with Passion and Purpose. 

When I got home I thought I’d read a few pages before I gave my wife, “The Gift”. Oh by the way did I mention that it was going to be part of my anniversary gift to her? Now I can really hear you say, “Dude, what in the world were you thinking!” Ok, Ok I wasn’t thinking clearly and I hadn’t yet grown into the mental giant that I am today (Even bigger laugh right?).

So I begin turning pages and right past the table of contents, in Part One, is The Question.

What Do You Want From Life?

I was stopped in my tracks! I realized this book wasn’t for my wife, it was for ME! This one question, asked at the right time, started me on my journey. My exploration of what my purpose in life was and what DID I want from life? It has been a wild adventure for sure and one I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. The Rhythm of Life, gave me a starting point on my journey. Like so many people, I had been struggling with my life’s purpose, why I was here and yes, what did I want my life to look like. What was the legacy I wanted to leave?

The simple answer? Become The-Best-Version-of-Yourself that you can become. What would that look like? I started to journal my ideas (look for an upcoming blog on the power of  keeping a journal). I broke my life down into the 6 areas that I felt I wanted to be healthier in, Spiritual, Family, Physical, Financial, Intellectual and Emotional. Through this exercise I’ve been able in the years since, to define how I would Become-The-Best-Version-of Myself (it’s still a work in progress) and recognize that my mission would be to develop healthy leaders. To help them on their adventure to answer the question: What Do You Want From Life?

Matthew has one of his quotes in the front of the book that says:

“Do not let your life be like a shooting star, which lights up the sky for only a brief moment. Let your life be like the sun, which always burns brightly in the heavens, bringing light and warmth to all those on earth. Let YOUR light shine!”

So I ask each of you to visit the classroom of silence on a daily basis and begin to answer this question for yourself, What Do I Want From Life? I can guarantee you, your light will begin to shine much brighter as you begin the journey to let your inner spirit grow and glow!

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One thought on “The Question You Must Answer!

  1. “What do I want from life?”
    As an young archery star, mom use to say: “Aim high in life that way if you miss your mark you are still in a position of accomplishment.” I believe that my process in determining what I want from life today is to continually find my heart – to be willing to stretch and believe that a “mark” can be designated, aim can be taken, and the “mark” hit.