The Key to Your Future!

Everyone is looking for The Secret to Success, The Secret to a Happy Life, The Secret to a Successful Relationship, The Secret to a Sexy Body, or The Secret to Something! Well, I’m pretty sure that by now we’ve all come to the logical realization that THERE IS NO SECRET! It’s just good old fashion hard work that’s going to allow us to achieve any of the goals we seek.

Yet if there was one word that keeps popping into my head over the past year it’s…REINVENTING!

As I look at my life and all the wonderful experiences I’ve had, all the challenges that come with living, and the changes that have taken place in the world, I’ve come to realize the Rules of The Game have constantly changed. And that the most successful people playing The Game have been able to adjust and reinvent themselves to not just survive but thrive! Let’s take a look at just a few who you might recognize.

Tony Bennett, one of the legendary  singers of the 20th century, who today at 87 years old is more popular now and with a larger generational following than he’s ever had. Here is a guy who was a contemporary of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and today has virtually every young singer in the business wanting to record with him. What’s he got besides a great talent? A consistency to live with passion, to utilize his God-given gifts and a willingness to REINVENT himself to a new generation of fans and give inspiration to his countless fans and to a young generation of entertainers.

Rod Stewart, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer (who surprisingly survived that era), one of the best selling artists of all time, and has become the epitome of the classic crooner, interpreting songs from The Great American Song Book ( music of the 20’s through the 50’s) as well as his rock genre songs. Here’s a guy who loves his craft, recognizes the gifts he has to give and has REINVENTED himself and survived thyroid cancer at the same time. Oh by the way he had to re-learn how to sing and is active in raising money for The City of Hope Foundation.

The list of people who have reinvented themselves goes on and on and we admire those people don’t we? But what about you? Is it time to take a serious look at yourself and begin to say “I AM REINVENTING MYSELF!”. I believe REINVENTION is truly The Key to all of our futures. No longer can we blindly continue to play in The Game of Life by following an archaic rule book that has long been out of print!

How are you going to reinvent yourself? Let’s hear from you in the comment section! Let’s all come together and share our ideas on this exciting adventure! Life’s too short to just survive! Let’s all begin to THRIVE by becoming leaders in the REINVENTION REVOLUTION!

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4 thoughts on “The Key to Your Future!

  1. After losing a child, I thought there was a slim to no chance of surviving let alone reinvent. Yet each day came and went and I was still standing. I love the idea of “reinventing”. I remember the time when I knew I would make it – it was a day that a young woman said she admired me and wanted to know what it took to be strong. I was overwhelmed with the question at first and then said “think of a backpack and what you put and carry in one – things you need or bring you comfort in know they are with you. I think what you see is a person who filled her backpack with good things to carry in life – good habits, good beliefs, good reading material, good humor (some saying sarcasm), etc. When I am low or down, I instinctively pull something from my backpack that moves me forward and strengthens my belief in survival.” I don’t remember if this insight was the right answer for Monica, but it was the day I realized I had stored “tools” all my life that would move me to the next step in my life. I believe your blog its on an important reality with “reinvention” and that is it is never too late to start collecting the “tools” for when the time comes.

    I believe your blog hits on an important reality with “reinvention” and it is never too late to start collecting the tools for when the time comes.

    • Diane, I admire you for breaking through all the emotion that accompanied all those years of challenge. As I read your comments I thought your analogy of filling your backpack with the proper tools is insightful. And generally to pack our pack with the right tools, we have to lighten the load by getting rid of baggage that’s been weighing us down.

  2. Reinvention is the cycle of life. I cannot imagine living any other way. I believe I would go mad.

    Les Brown says the richest place is the graveyard. This is because God gives us so many gifts and talents and most people take them to their death without adding value to the world.
    If we do not reinvent ourselves over and over and over again until death do us part then we die to ourselves and our dream and goals.

    There are those who quell the flames of change and those who nourish them. It begins early.

    I can still see the sentence my mother clipped from a newspaper or magazine and tacked on the refrigerator:
    “In every generation there are 10 great leaders.” It was an implicit call to be one of those 10 great leaders.
    I lift my heart to the heavens everyday still in pursuit of the challenge my mother laid out to me.
    I want to leave a footprint that honors her legacy and inspires others to greatness.

    • WOW! Another great reply to this idea of reinventing ourselves! Patrice you are so right, we need to tap into those God-given talents to lead ourself and then others. Lets leave our riches above ground in the lives of next generation leaders!