Message From the Road-#83

So what’s your message? Listen to this weeks Message From the Road and then let’s have a chat!

So after listening to this weeks Message From the Road, what do you think? How successful have you been at being aware of life’s messages as they come your way? Some of those bits of inspiration are subtle and others not so subtle. Do we recognize them when they drop in on us? Do we take the time to document these amazing ideas so we can recall and implement  them at sometime in the immediate future or long term?

I truly believe that we will live lives that are much more fulfilling if we will slow down and practice listening to the messages of inspiration. Hold on there! Here’s the kicker! Now you have to ACT on those inspiring messages. They may be actions that need to be taken NOW, or they may be future actions.  In either case if we develop the habit of listening and then consistently taking an action, eventually you will live an uncommon life.

So there you go! Some food for thought that can have dramatic impact in our lives.

Exercise: Stop right now and write down any ideas that came to you while watching this weeks Message From the Road, or while reading this blog. Do it now! It’s easy and potentially life changing. 

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