A Simple Word That Can Change Your Life!

What if, there was one word that was so emotionally powerful that by consistently verbalizing it you would be inspired to live a life beyond measure. Well my friend that simple word is WOW! My personal proclamation for 2014 and beyond is  that “I choose to live a life of WOW! I live in a World Of Wonderment!”


If life is an attitude, it only makes sense to have one that has a foundation in fun, laughter  and amazement. Why not choose to be a Humor Being, seeing all the unbelievable greatness in the world? In the land of WOW we master the magnificent, not the mediocre. Let’s have fun with life! It’s just a choice!

My wife and I have fun talking about how I live in “Gregland”. It’s an extremely fun place to hangout and I invite you to come visit. So here’s a little invitation to visit… “Gregland”… a place of WOW!

Come on down to Gregland, the weather’s always great.

You can get up in the early morn, or sleep until it’s late!

If you like to see the sunrise, and start the day off with a bang,

You’ll always find some company, someone with whom to hang!

Now Gregland is a special place, quite unique you will agree.

A place to turn your imagination on, a grand future you will surely see.

What are the dreams you’ve always dreamt? What visions have you created?

All dreamers are accepted here, never criticized or berated.

So come spend some time in Gregland, it’s where laughter and love abound.

Stir up your imagination, in Gregland it can be found.

Now if your imagination, is crying to run wild,

Create your own Land of WOW, and release your inner child.

Silly I know, but hey, I’ve decided to embrace the concept of a Humor Being so it’s got to be expected. Right?

How we choose to live our lives is just a choice isn’t it. We can choose to find the adventure in it, or we can choose to look at the darker side and seek out the chaos and turmoil. Living a life of WOW is a great place to reside and when you do, you will see amazingly energetic and passionate leaders and lovers of life who want to grab hold of the adventure and journey with you. What does your ideal “land” look like? Does it resemble “Gregland” at all?

Thought to Ponder:

What would your ideal Land of WOW look like? Take some time to design it, have fun with it. Then let me know in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “A Simple Word That Can Change Your Life!

  1. My Land of WOW ! is populated with crazy ones, misfits, not fond of the status quo. We push the universe forward and are crazy enough to think we can change the world. And the ones who are crazy enough to think we can change the world are the ones that do!

    As Steve Jobs said: Life can be much better once we realize one simple fact…everything around us that you call life is made up by people just like you, of people no smarter than you. You can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people will use.

    Once we learn that we are never the same again. You gotta have wrong that you want to right otherwise you will not have the passion to change the world.

    • I believe that being CRAZY is a prerequisite for anyone living a life of WOW! Surround yourself with CRAZY people and you can’t lose. CRAZY= Committed, Responsible, Achievers, Zealous, and Youthful. It’s all an attitude, live in the WOW! Great quote from Steve Jobs.

  2. Greg-
    Thanks for the fantabulous words to start out the New Year with………all I can say is “WOW”! Cheers to all and here’s to Gregland and the best year ever!

    • Mike, you’ve been in the creation stage of building an amazing MikeLand for your family for several years now and I am extremely proud of you my friend. 2014 will indeed be a WOW year for you and a springboard to a life others only imagine.