The REAL SECRET to becoming a Super-Achiever

Everyone is looking for “The Secret”! You have seen the movie, read the books, listened to authors by the hundreds who have shared their formula for achieving your dreams. Yet why is it that people are still in a state of confusion around living life with maximum enjoyment and happiness?

I believe it’s because we make it far too complicated! So today I thought I would give you my K.I.S.S. philosophy for success, harmony and happiness.


D x F x A = Success (Whatever that means to you)

Why is it that so few people actually live up to their potential, become the best version of themselves and fulfill their legitimate needs? The reason is that we are too busy pursuing our illegitimate wants. The reality is that you can never get enough of what you don’t really need. Fulfillment comes from having what you need. The whole world is chasing illegitimate wants with reckless abandon. We must learn to move beyond our superficial wants and begin to discover our deepest desires.

D=Desire: A desire is a want with meaning. Our deepest desires are things we want because we know they will help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves. Napoleon Hill calls it a “Burning Desire”. Not an everyday desire but a desire so attached to your heart that it guides you to fulfillment and happiness.

F=Focus: Two stories of Super Achievers made a significant impact on my DESIRE to begin to apply this principle. The first is about Sir Richard Branson who was asked to be keynote speaker at a major corporation for $100,000 for one hour. His people were contacted and they immediately replied that Sir Richard wasn’t interested. Undaunted the corporation came back with $250,ooo and we’ll send a private plane and from the time he hits the ground to the time he’s back on the plane will be no more than an hour. Sir Richard Branson declined. Ok then $500,ooo was the offer! The response…”Sir Richard is not available at ANY price, he is focused on ONLY three projects and won’t be distracted by anything!”

The second example is from billionaire Warren Buffet who says, and this is paraphrased “out of 100 projects that are brought my way, I will only get involved with perhaps one.” How focused are you? What are you willing to say NO to, in order to make room for what you should say YES to? Years ago I heard an acronym for FOCUS which has stuck with me: Follow One Course Until Successful. All Super Achievers FOCUS!

A=Action: Without this key element no success is possible. An old sage once asked the question to his students, “If you had five birds sitting on a wire and three decided to fly off, how many birds would you have left?” All the students chimed in, “You would only have two left master!” The wise sage replied “No, you would still have five. You see the three decided to fly off but they never took the action and actually flew away.”  So many of us go through life making decisions to do things yet we never ACT on the decision!

So very simply, THE SECRET, is to get a Burning DESIRE, FOCUS on that desire and ACT to become the Best-Version-Of-Yourself possible. Success is possible, become a Super Achiever and begin NOW!

What is your answer to these questions? 

1).  I have a burning desire to______________________.

2). I will say NO to _______________, to make room for __________________.

3). I will take action on _______________ to become a Super Achiever

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2 thoughts on “The REAL SECRET to becoming a Super-Achiever

  1. You’re talking to me today Greg!!

    I just finished up a book on this very subject: “Just Start: Take Action, Embrace Uncertainty, Create the Future”. Two phd’s wrote on the topic of how important taking action is. They actually threw out the often-heard requirement for passion and said a desire to pursue a project or a goal is good enough but even more important is to take that first step towards your goals. The actions you take will help to shine light on those activities that ultimately lead to a passion project but if you’re stuck in thinking and planning mode then you’ll be just that … stuck.

  2. I have a burning desire to see a generation of healthy people.
    I will say NO to what don’t need to fulfill my burning desire to make room for what I do need.
    I will take action on Nutrition Intuition to become a Super Achiever