The World Needs Your Art!

Yes, I will take requests! No not to sing, you guys would not be all that impressed and would probably unsubscribe from my blog (Please Don’t)! The request was for another post that contained another poem. So I combed the archives of my up coming book, The Architect of Dreams, and pulled this one out for your review and hopefully comments.

Many of you know that I often sign off my work with “Make today a masterpiece” and this poem was really the genesis of that sign off. It means a lot to me and gives me direction as I lead my daily life.

My hope is that as you read this little poem, you will ponder how to make your life a masterpiece and take the necessary action to live your life with purpose and passion. So enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon.


They supplied me with the canvas,

The colors and a brush.

Set them on an easel,

Out the room they quickly rushed.

I stared upon a massive void,

Only emptiness did I see.

Realizing that the design,

Was completely up to me.

What was the subject of my art?

Which colors would I use?

The patterns that I did paint,

Would be the ones that I would choose.

The tools lay before me,

They all had been supplied.

Would I create a masterpiece,

Or a work that was despised?

As I viewed the pallet,

My eyes danced as they did feast.

Upon all the colors I could choose,

To paint life’s masterpiece.

Questions to Ponder: Are you taking time to reflect on your life? What do you want your masterpiece to look like? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? What does the ARTIST in you want to say, do or become?

Join our community of ARTISTs today! Each of us is an ARTist, someone with A Realized Talent! The ARTIST in you is crying to be heard, the world needs your ART. Share it!

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2 thoughts on “The World Needs Your Art!

  1. The force of 2 is equal to the power of 11: The creative inspiration of the creator and our enlightened motivation. Art is of the heart and mind working in harmony.
    Each day we can be a masterpiece.