Do You Want To Be Healthy & Happy?

time-for-actionI have a couple of question for you. “Are health and happiness important to you?”

Health and happiness are not just buzz words of the 21st Century.  Statistically, they are most people’s ultimate goal in life, and one’s that seem to be most elusive as well.

Another question I have is, “What would a healthy and happy life look like to you and how would you design it?” I hope that by the time you’re through reading this you have a better idea as to how to move forward in actually achieving your vision.

My goal is to give you some resources to create the life you love.

Now I can be a catalyst, but ultimately it is up to you to have the self-motivation to take the actions. You have to intentionally start living that healthy, happy life you so desire.Let’s take a look at a process you can implement immediately to kick-start your transformation.  Let’s start by breaking your life down into 6 simple areas.

They are:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Financial
  3. Physical
  4. Emotional
  5. Intellectual
  6. Family

Now, take a few minutes and prioritize these 6 areas. Identify which one is your #1 area of importance, what is number 2, 3,4,5 and 6. To help you determine your priorities, ask yourself, “Which area, if I focused on it for the next 90 days would have the greatest impact in transforming my life?”

Stop now and do the exercise. Don’t spend a lot of extra time thinking about it. You probably have an instinctive answer as to your priorities. Studies actually show that you will get the same answers in 30 seconds as you would in 30 minutes. So have some fun and let’s do it now!

What is the # 1 area of life that you are most passionate about improving?

Ask yourself:

  • “Why is this important to me?
  • “How will I feel when I achieve the change?”
  • “How will my life be different?
  • “What impact will this change have on the other areas of my life?”

It’s true that all 6 of these areas are intertwined and are related to each other. We know that poor health has a negative impact on our ability to create financial stability. Likewise, unstable finances puts pressure on our family life, causes stress, and consequently health challenges.

I’m suggesting that we join hands today and decide to change our lives together. It will be fun and you’ll be filled with energy and enthusiasm as you start the transformation with massive momentum. The Big Mo! Everyone is looking for it, so few find it and  when they do struggle to maintain it. You will maintain Big Mo, because you have a massive WHY. Get in touch at the deepest emotional level and you will achieve great result.

Consider this…

Together we can achieve so much more than we can as individuals. Studies show that health and happiness have at their epicenter a strong community of like minded individuals. A community that supports each other when that pesky human weakness, procrastination, starts to weasel it’s way into Big Mo’s house.

To be brutally honest, I have not lived up to my potential this year. I’ve been able to accomplish many things that I committed to back in January, but certainly not everything. So I’m not waiting any longer! I have adjusted and re-fired my passion and commitment to achieving my health and fitness goals before the end of 2017.

One of the ways I’m doing this, is that I now have accountability partners in different areas of my life. So consider aligning yourself with a like-minded individual who can support your transformation process. Like me, you may need multiple coaches and accountability partners based on the area you are trying to improve.

So who is going to join me?

How are you going to attack your goals? What is your process for creating a relationship with Big Mo?

We can grow in two ways.

First, we can grow in awareness. This is the cornerstone of getting emotionally and physically healthy. It is that growth, in conjunction with action which will facilitate the shift toward the achievement of our dream lifestyle.

Second, we can stay on our current path of frustration and dissatisfaction and fail to achieve our lifestyle goals. Which do you choose? Where will you be in the months to come?

Take a few minutes to answer some of the questions I’ve posed in this post and see what decisions you come up with.

Keep on learning, keep on growing and keep on leading yourself to the life you love! Let me know how I can help and how you are progressing.