Message From the Road-#83

So what’s your message? Listen to this weeks Message From the Road and then let’s have a chat!

So after listening to this weeks Message From the Road, what do you think? How successful have you been at being aware of life’s messages as they come your way? Some of those bits of inspiration are subtle and others not so subtle. Do we recognize them when they drop in on us? Do we take the time to document these amazing ideas so we can recall and implement  them at sometime in the immediate future or long term?

I truly believe that we will live lives that are much more fulfilling if we will slow down and practice listening to the messages of inspiration. Hold on there! Here’s the kicker! Now you have to ACT on those inspiring messages. They may be actions that need to be taken NOW, or they may be future actions.  In either case if we develop the habit of listening and then consistently taking an action, eventually you will live an uncommon life.

So there you go! Some food for thought that can have dramatic impact in our lives.

Exercise: Stop right now and write down any ideas that came to you while watching this weeks Message From the Road, or while reading this blog. Do it now! It’s easy and potentially life changing. 

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This One Idea Will Change Your Life!

What if you had an opportunity to change not only your life but the life of another? What if by one random act of kindness you could start moving your life in a whole new direction that would dramatically change the impact you had on the world?

Most people would say, “YES what do I need to do?”  I say, “Let’s have fun and watch this video and then have a discussion.” So click and watch the video now!

What are some of your dreams, goals and strategies that you have a burning desire to fulfill? Let’s get started working on them together. Let me be your vessel assist vehicle and in the turn, you can become one for someone in your life. The principle is simple, learn, do and then teach.

There are two laws that John C. Maxwell has written about in his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth,  that continually play out as we look to design our lives. The first is the Law of Awareness: This simply asks, “Who are you? Do you have a sense of direction? Are you aware of your strengths, weaknesses, your interests and your potential opportunities?” To reach your full potential you must know where you are, and where you want to be. Being aware of these questions allow us to make the most significant impact in our lives and the lives of others. The second is The Law of Intentionality: Personal growth is not a natural process in most people’s lives, so we must begin to build our futures on the foundation of taking intentional actions.

Through this vessel assist program, we touch the lives of one person at a time, in doing so we use  The Law of Explosive Growth: to add growth, lead followers–to multiply, lead leaders. When you enter the world of leadership, you will find the greatest rewards, the greatest challenges, and fulfillment beyond belief.

Think about this question: What are the two most important areas in your life that if you let me help you achieve change, would have the greatest impact in your life in the next twelve months? 

Let’s team up and begin to change the lives of people, starting with yours.  There are many vessels that need assistance, the world needs your strengths and talents to define a brave new world. Join the Vessel Assist Team!

Rabbi Harold Kushner stated, “We are here to change the world with small acts of thoughtfulness done daily rather than with one great breakthrough.”

Ponder this: Who do you know that needs some kindness, love and assistance that you could engage with TODAY? That’s awareness! Now, what intentional action can you take now, today that will begin your vessel assist program? Don’t be shy, reach out and see how special you can make someone feel.

If you find this information beneficial, share it with others and encourage them, as part of your vessel assist program to subscribe to this blog. That action alone might be the one that changes a life.

My Inner Circle – A Gift to You!

Nobody does anything great alone! A leader and any individual’s potential is determined by those closest to them. What makes the difference is the leader’s inner circle. Leaders have to deliver. There is no substitute for performance. But without a great team, they often don’t get the opportunity. Their potential is determined by those closest to them.

On January 5, 1985, I began to assemble an amazing team. I had actually started about ten months earlier on a trip to Banff Canada where I was headed to ski for a week. It was a “guys trip” or so I thought. Somewhere along the way a member of the opposite sex had weaseled her way onto the team and that was where the adventure began.


Twenty nine years ago today, January 5, 1985, is the day I married my amazingly wonderful wife, Christie! It has been a truly WOW adventure and I wouldn’t trade one minute of it. She has been my greatest supporter of all the crazy ideas I’ve had over the years and picked up a lot of the pieces along the way. Where I can be impulsive and creative, her greatest strength is rational thought and a phenomenal love of laughter.

I have been extremely blessed to have her in my life as a guiding light, my greatest friend, an amazing business partner, spectacular mother to our son, and a wonderful example of what true love is. Christie is the foundation of my inner circle and the glue that holds my life and team together and I am forever grateful that she “weaseled her way” onto that ski trip so many years ago.

I am a firm believer that teamwork begins at home and if life at home is harmonious, the rest of the world falls into place.  We have been challenged by life as everyone is, but we  collectively looked upon these challenges as ways to learn about ourselves and grow. This is what makes our inner circle so strong, the willingness to analyze how we contributed to the challenge, grow through the chaos and learn to laugh at ourselves.

For more than twenty nine years, I have been graced with the opportunity to live with one of my greatest teachers, my wife. I hope that your life will be blessed with someone who lives in the same spirit of love, laughter and harmony.

So you now have an insight into the power of my inner circle and why I am so grateful. Remember, a leader’s potential is determined by the people closest to them.

Ponder This Question

“Who is the center of your inner circle outside of yourself ?

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A Simple Word That Can Change Your Life!

What if, there was one word that was so emotionally powerful that by consistently verbalizing it you would be inspired to live a life beyond measure. Well my friend that simple word is WOW! My personal proclamation for 2014 and beyond is  that “I choose to live a life of WOW! I live in a World Of Wonderment!”


If life is an attitude, it only makes sense to have one that has a foundation in fun, laughter  and amazement. Why not choose to be a Humor Being, seeing all the unbelievable greatness in the world? In the land of WOW we master the magnificent, not the mediocre. Let’s have fun with life! It’s just a choice!

My wife and I have fun talking about how I live in “Gregland”. It’s an extremely fun place to hangout and I invite you to come visit. So here’s a little invitation to visit… “Gregland”… a place of WOW!

Come on down to Gregland, the weather’s always great.

You can get up in the early morn, or sleep until it’s late!

If you like to see the sunrise, and start the day off with a bang,

You’ll always find some company, someone with whom to hang!

Now Gregland is a special place, quite unique you will agree.

A place to turn your imagination on, a grand future you will surely see.

What are the dreams you’ve always dreamt? What visions have you created?

All dreamers are accepted here, never criticized or berated.

So come spend some time in Gregland, it’s where laughter and love abound.

Stir up your imagination, in Gregland it can be found.

Now if your imagination, is crying to run wild,

Create your own Land of WOW, and release your inner child.

Silly I know, but hey, I’ve decided to embrace the concept of a Humor Being so it’s got to be expected. Right?

How we choose to live our lives is just a choice isn’t it. We can choose to find the adventure in it, or we can choose to look at the darker side and seek out the chaos and turmoil. Living a life of WOW is a great place to reside and when you do, you will see amazingly energetic and passionate leaders and lovers of life who want to grab hold of the adventure and journey with you. What does your ideal “land” look like? Does it resemble “Gregland” at all?

Thought to Ponder:

What would your ideal Land of WOW look like? Take some time to design it, have fun with it. Then let me know in the comment section.

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Congratulations and Happy New Year!

Greetings to all my wonderful family and friends! Wow, what a fantastic 2013! I want to thank all of you for following my blog and contributing comments and I look forward to even greater interaction in 2014. I really want to congratulate you for all the growth you went through and all your subsequent achievements. It has been an exciting and adventurous year and I feel so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life.

Let’s join together in 2014 and decide to daily Master the Magnificent!

I leave you with this final quote for 2013

“To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only creed of life.” – Robert Louise Stevenson

See you next year!

Warm Wishes!