Do You Own Your Dream?

I thought I would spend a few moments today, sharing a bit of poetry from my upcoming book, The Architect of Dreams. This particular bit of prose was inspired by a book written by John C. Maxwell entitled, Put Your Dream to the Test. It’s a wonderful book, and as we get closer to the end of 2013, it would be a great time to grab a copy to read.

I hope you enjoy the message in this poem and I would love to hear any comments. Again, my hope is that we will cultivate an interactive community of healthy leaders so let’s hear what you think.

So let the adventure begin….

When You Own the Ship

I sat very quietly reading the book,
that challenged me with a question I could not overlook.
A question so simple yet with wisdom did beam?
The statement just asked, “Do you own your dream?”

What  is your dream? Do you have one my friend?
Can you explain it in detail from beginning to end?
What is your strategy,? What action will you take?
Is it a daydreamers dream or a cake that’s half baked?

When you own the ship, as Captain you steer,
Headlong into the wind, through storms and through fear.
Believe in yourself! Say YES to your dream!
Tell the world you’re a dreamer, your song you must sing!

Love what you do and do what you love,
You’ve been given a gift from God up above.
You are a miracle, there’s only one you,
So what is the dream that you must pursue?

As you travel through time and you come to an end,
God will ask you a question you must answer my friend.
Not about toys you collected or were your clothes always in fashion,
But did you own your dream and live it with passion?

Welcome To My Blog!

For years I’ve been looking for an exciting and effective way to not just communicate but to connect with like minded individuals striving to become HEALTHY LEADERS in this exciting and ever changing world. Well it looks like I have finally found a way that fits my style…Blogging!

I will be posting written ideas, podcasts, videos and video interviews on leadership, personal growth, health, lifestyle and how it all relates. We are all traveling on this amazing journey and to me it makes sense to connect with fellow adventurers. That is exactly what I encourage you to do as well. If something in my blogs touches your heart, please take the time to write a comment.

It’s really my intent to create a dialog amongst a community of Healthy Leaders and Next Generation Leaders who are sharing new and creative ideas. So join in and let’s have some fun!

Healthy Leadership is so important today and I intend to equip you with some amazing resources that will help you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly become.

So if your looking to create harmony in your life in areas such as:

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Hang on! We’re all in for a wild and crazy ride together!