A Simple Word That Can Change Your Life!

What if, there was one word that was so emotionally powerful that by consistently verbalizing it you would be inspired to live a life beyond measure. Well my friend that simple word is WOW! My personal proclamation for 2014 and beyond is  that “I choose to live a life of WOW! I live in a World Of Wonderment!”


If life is an attitude, it only makes sense to have one that has a foundation in fun, laughter  and amazement. Why not choose to be a Humor Being, seeing all the unbelievable greatness in the world? In the land of WOW we master the magnificent, not the mediocre. Let’s have fun with life! It’s just a choice!

My wife and I have fun talking about how I live in “Gregland”. It’s an extremely fun place to hangout and I invite you to come visit. So here’s a little invitation to visit… “Gregland”… a place of WOW!

Come on down to Gregland, the weather’s always great.

You can get up in the early morn, or sleep until it’s late!

If you like to see the sunrise, and start the day off with a bang,

You’ll always find some company, someone with whom to hang!

Now Gregland is a special place, quite unique you will agree.

A place to turn your imagination on, a grand future you will surely see.

What are the dreams you’ve always dreamt? What visions have you created?

All dreamers are accepted here, never criticized or berated.

So come spend some time in Gregland, it’s where laughter and love abound.

Stir up your imagination, in Gregland it can be found.

Now if your imagination, is crying to run wild,

Create your own Land of WOW, and release your inner child.

Silly I know, but hey, I’ve decided to embrace the concept of a Humor Being so it’s got to be expected. Right?

How we choose to live our lives is just a choice isn’t it. We can choose to find the adventure in it, or we can choose to look at the darker side and seek out the chaos and turmoil. Living a life of WOW is a great place to reside and when you do, you will see amazingly energetic and passionate leaders and lovers of life who want to grab hold of the adventure and journey with you. What does your ideal “land” look like? Does it resemble “Gregland” at all?

Thought to Ponder:

What would your ideal Land of WOW look like? Take some time to design it, have fun with it. Then let me know in the comment section.

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How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!


How exciting will 2014 be when you decided to make it your best year ever? What if you intentionally designed your life in such a way that you began to lead yourself, your family, your team or your organization to achieve peak performance? Do you have goals? Do you have an action plan? What do the different parts of your life look like? Have you taken the time to truly design your life? If you’re married, have you and your spouse collectively gone through the process of creating the life you passionately desire? Do you have a written action plan?

The vast majority of people walking this planet have no idea what the rest of their life is going to look like. They are walking around as wandering generalities, majoring in minor things, and mastering the mediocre. Why not decide today to live an extraordinary life of fun, happiness and adventure? 2014 will be a spectacular year for you because I know you have made the choice to take the necessary actions to create your desired results.

Now, what areas of your life are you going to prioritize in 2014? Take the time right now to begin the process. Stop reading NOW and write down  the one area of your life that if you focused on it starting today, will have the greatest positive impact. This will only take a few minutes so let’s do this exercise together. Please, STOP and write it down! This is the beginning of making 2014 Your Best Year EVER! it’s simple, let’s do it NOW!

If you’ve raised your hand as a leader, you have a responsibility to lead yourself first. If you can’t lead yourself and have no action plan for the future, how do you expect to lead others? If you have no written action plan, how can you, with integrity expect your team to have one? In fact, if you don’t have a specific written plan, you can’t possibly teach anyone else how to create one. You must lead by positive example.

Another question is, “Who’s your coach?”

Have you identified those individuals who can help you move from where you are today to where you want to go in the next year and beyond? This is NOT your peer group! It’s someone who has been where you want to go, who has the experience to help you grow into your life by asking you the tough questions. Also note, a mentor is NOT the same as a coach. Again, a coach is someone who is going to help you find the answers within yourself, to find your passion, define your purpose and support you in the creation of a life of intentionality.

Again I ask, “Who’s your coach?” If you want to achieve amazing results, live a dynamic, adventurous, purpose driven life that’s fueled by unparalleled passion, and zest for life find a coach who can help you achieve the lifestyle you desire. If you think that I can be that coach for you, just leave a comment in the comment section of this blog and I will be in contact with you.

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Thought to Ponder:

What can you do now to intentionally design your best year ever? Leave a comment below and let’s hear what our community has to say.


Welcome To The Message From the Road – 3 Keys to Happiness

Greetings my friends! Welcome to the new edition of The Message From the Road. What you may ask is The Message From the Road all about? The answer is, it’s an exciting new version of our popular weekly video blog that we have been producing since April of 2011. This weeks message is on the 3 Components to Happiness. I hope you will find it not only enjoyable, but also thought provoking.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How are you this beautiful day? As you can see it’s a spectacular day, isn’t it? How blessed I am to be out riding, enjoying this beautiful sunshine, blue skies, and white clouds. It just can’t get any better than this can it?  I am one happy camper!

For some of you this might be your first time joining us, so let me welcome you to The Message From the Road. As I’m out riding my bike, up and down different parts of the country, like this beautiful Pacific Ocean, ideas pop into my head and I’ll stop and talk a little bit about them. Hopefully they are things that you will find interesting and ideas that might be food for thought as you move forward in your life or even into the next day or week.

As I was riding this morning the idea of happiness and success, which seems to be a somewhat recurring theme, kept coming to me. So I thought we could discuss the dichotomy between success and happiness.

It’s interesting when you look at this idea of happiness and you’ve got an external and internal driver. The external says, “When I’m successful I’ll be happy. When I’ve got all the money and I’ve got all the status, and I’ve got all the toys, then I’m going to be happy.” But the internal is a much stronger motivator for most people. Studies have shown that the people that are the most happy have some of the following components in their life.

1. They have a personal growth program, they’re excited about growing personally and they’re involved with other people that are growing. Consequently their outlook on life is just far better, more optimistic and full of excitement.

2. The other part is in their relationships. They have a stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships. Why? Probably because they have a personal growth plan that’s in place and their relationships grow as they grow. They have a support system of like-minded friends and family.

3. They have a strong sense of community. Giving back and a sense of being involved with other people are vital to their happiness.

When we look at the cultures that are living the longest, that have the highest sense of happiness, where do we find them? We see them in Okinawa, where they have some of the longest living people on the planet. Denmark, that has one of the highest happiness ratings in the world. Bhutan, who has what they call, Gross Domestic Happiness. That’s how they are measuring the success of their communities, government, and country, on the happiness of the people.

Not one of those I just mentioned has had status or income as part of the driving force. So what’s going to make you happy the rest of your life? Is it the external things? You know, “When I get that car, I’m going to be happy. When I get that promotion I’m going to be happy. When I get married I’m going to be happy.”

Or is it taking a look at yourself and asking, “How can I grow? How can I increase my relationships to the point where they are energized and fulfilling? What am I doing to give back to my community, to the rest of the world, or to the rest of the country?”

So these are just some thoughts for you to consider as we move into 2014 and beyond. I hope that you have enjoyed todays message.  Please pass it along if you believe it’s been valuable. Until next time…

Keep on growing, keep on learning and keep on leading! It’s a choice! Your choice and mine!

Question: How would you grade yourself on personal growth, relationships and community? How would you grade your Gross Domestic Happiness?

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This Will Change Your Life! The Secret Sauce to Success!

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there lived a man who was loved and admired by all. His family adored him, his business associates sought him out for advice and he helped people make positive changes in their lives. Everyone sought his counsel and he received invitations to all the major social events in the community. Sometimes he was humorous, sometimes he was melancholy and often he was excited beyond words.

Who was this man and what did he possess that attracted so many people to him? He is a storyteller! An individual who tells purposeful stories designed to influence people in a positive way.

The Art of Storytelling is one of the oldest and most effective forms of connecting with other human beings. Storytelling is traceable back thousands of years, before the written word, and definitely before the current technology age that we are currently immersed in. So why is storytelling so influential?

Peter Guber, in his bestselling book, Tell To Win, says “While virtually every form of human communication can contain stories, most conversations and speeches are not, in and of themselves, stories. What’s the difference? Non-stories may provide information, but stories have a unique power to move people’s hearts, minds, feet, and wallets in the story teller’s intended direction. Stories teach, model, unite, and motivate by transporting audiences emotionally. It goes far beyond just entertaining. It’s a purposeful call to action because your audience is emotionally moved. They in turn pass your message on to others by telling and retelling the story of their own experience.”

Storytelling is the Secret Sauce to your success! It is a vital skill that’s readily available to anyone and its fun! I have watched and heard some amazing storytellers, spoken word artist spin their tale of adventure and the message has always made a far greater impression on me than a lecture, or a seminar. It attacks the emotional sinew of the soul when you hear a great story!

Stories change lives, there the secret sauce to success in all aspects of life. I have always been amazed at the stories found in the various TED Talks, www.ted.com check out the spectacular spoken word poetry of young artist like Sarah Kay  and Shane Koyczan. No matter what or who you’re trying to influence, all the greats have integrated storytelling. Sometimes you heard it in a song lyric, a poem or fable and each time your emotions were moved.

What stories are you telling? Are they purposeful empowering stories, or are they “old baggage stories” that you’ve been re-telling to yourself over and over again since childhood? Are they stories to move you forward or stories that are holding you back?

What are the components or building blocks of any great story? They all have a challenge, there’s always struggle involved and ultimately a resolution. What do you think would happen if you started looking at life’s circumstances and you began to ask, “What’s the challenge here? Where’s the struggle? And how can I facilitate a resolution? I bet you will be far more excited about your life and you’d be handling life’s adversities a lot better.

So remember, “It was a long and winding road that I traveled on that cold dark starless night. I was exhausted from the day’s challenges and I wasn’t sure what was around the next bend, but I knew when I arrived at my destination, I’d have a great story to tell.”

Don’t miss out on the adventures in life, learn to tell wonderful purposeful stories.

Question: What stories have you told that have made the biggest impact in your life? Let us know by engaging in our community and commenting.

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The REAL SECRET to becoming a Super-Achiever

Everyone is looking for “The Secret”! You have seen the movie, read the books, listened to authors by the hundreds who have shared their formula for achieving your dreams. Yet why is it that people are still in a state of confusion around living life with maximum enjoyment and happiness?

I believe it’s because we make it far too complicated! So today I thought I would give you my K.I.S.S. philosophy for success, harmony and happiness.


D x F x A = Success (Whatever that means to you)

Why is it that so few people actually live up to their potential, become the best version of themselves and fulfill their legitimate needs? The reason is that we are too busy pursuing our illegitimate wants. The reality is that you can never get enough of what you don’t really need. Fulfillment comes from having what you need. The whole world is chasing illegitimate wants with reckless abandon. We must learn to move beyond our superficial wants and begin to discover our deepest desires.

D=Desire: A desire is a want with meaning. Our deepest desires are things we want because we know they will help us become the-best-version-of-ourselves. Napoleon Hill calls it a “Burning Desire”. Not an everyday desire but a desire so attached to your heart that it guides you to fulfillment and happiness.

F=Focus: Two stories of Super Achievers made a significant impact on my DESIRE to begin to apply this principle. The first is about Sir Richard Branson who was asked to be keynote speaker at a major corporation for $100,000 for one hour. His people were contacted and they immediately replied that Sir Richard wasn’t interested. Undaunted the corporation came back with $250,ooo and we’ll send a private plane and from the time he hits the ground to the time he’s back on the plane will be no more than an hour. Sir Richard Branson declined. Ok then $500,ooo was the offer! The response…”Sir Richard is not available at ANY price, he is focused on ONLY three projects and won’t be distracted by anything!”

The second example is from billionaire Warren Buffet who says, and this is paraphrased “out of 100 projects that are brought my way, I will only get involved with perhaps one.” How focused are you? What are you willing to say NO to, in order to make room for what you should say YES to? Years ago I heard an acronym for FOCUS which has stuck with me: Follow One Course Until Successful. All Super Achievers FOCUS!

A=Action: Without this key element no success is possible. An old sage once asked the question to his students, “If you had five birds sitting on a wire and three decided to fly off, how many birds would you have left?” All the students chimed in, “You would only have two left master!” The wise sage replied “No, you would still have five. You see the three decided to fly off but they never took the action and actually flew away.”  So many of us go through life making decisions to do things yet we never ACT on the decision!

So very simply, THE SECRET, is to get a Burning DESIRE, FOCUS on that desire and ACT to become the Best-Version-Of-Yourself possible. Success is possible, become a Super Achiever and begin NOW!

What is your answer to these questions? 

1).  I have a burning desire to______________________.

2). I will say NO to _______________, to make room for __________________.

3). I will take action on _______________ to become a Super Achiever

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The World Needs Your Art!

Yes, I will take requests! No not to sing, you guys would not be all that impressed and would probably unsubscribe from my blog (Please Don’t)! The request was for another post that contained another poem. So I combed the archives of my up coming book, The Architect of Dreams, and pulled this one out for your review and hopefully comments.

Many of you know that I often sign off my work with “Make today a masterpiece” and this poem was really the genesis of that sign off. It means a lot to me and gives me direction as I lead my daily life.

My hope is that as you read this little poem, you will ponder how to make your life a masterpiece and take the necessary action to live your life with purpose and passion. So enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon.


They supplied me with the canvas,

The colors and a brush.

Set them on an easel,

Out the room they quickly rushed.

I stared upon a massive void,

Only emptiness did I see.

Realizing that the design,

Was completely up to me.

What was the subject of my art?

Which colors would I use?

The patterns that I did paint,

Would be the ones that I would choose.

The tools lay before me,

They all had been supplied.

Would I create a masterpiece,

Or a work that was despised?

As I viewed the pallet,

My eyes danced as they did feast.

Upon all the colors I could choose,

To paint life’s masterpiece.

Questions to Ponder: Are you taking time to reflect on your life? What do you want your masterpiece to look like? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? What does the ARTIST in you want to say, do or become?

Join our community of ARTISTs today! Each of us is an ARTist, someone with A Realized Talent! The ARTIST in you is crying to be heard, the world needs your ART. Share it!

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How To Live In The Aloha Spirit!

Are you ready to change your life? What if you could live with a spirit of adventure, gratitude and harmony? What would that look like for you?

I love the Hawaiian Islands! My wife and I have spent many wonderful days, scuba diving, whale watching, hanging out on all the beautiful beaches, sightseeing to the magnificent natural treasures that the islands have to offer and just having an adventure beyond compare. I always dislike having to leave because our time in paradise is so spectacular. I love the Aloha Spirit!

As I was driving down the road yesterday, I heard an interview with spiritual guru Wayne Dyer who lives in Maui, and he mentioned The Aloha Spirit. I knew immediately that I had to write about this amazing way of living. Now to all of my Hawaiian friends I hope you will chime in and comment on any of the ideas I’m throwing out here and agree or correct based on your personal experience.

As I understand it, Aloha is a Hawaiian word meaning love, friendship, compassion, and charity, as well as, in its roots, “The joyful sharing of loving energy in the present moment.” For this reason the Hawaiians also use the same word for happy greetings and farewells.

I always feel a sense of being blessed when I hear people greet me with “Aloha!” It has a deeper sense of meaning than just saying hello or goodbye. When done in a sincere way it has a spiritual feeling that just leaves you feeling like you’ve been caressed with love. What would happen in our world if we all decided to live each day with this Aloha Spirit? I think it’s a choice we can all make right now and in the process begin to live lives that are healthier, happier, and more prosperous. It would allow us to create more love in our life, enhance our friendships, get a deeper experience of inner peace, and spiritual growth.

In living an Aloha life, I believe we have a responsibility to the gifts we’ve been given. We have been given this earth, all of nature, and the seas to watch over and protect. If we choose to live in the Aloha Spirit, we need to act as leaders who by example promote the protection and healing of our planet and all its natural resource.

Let’s take the time to explore nature, to use that time to reflect on who we are, what we hope to achieve in our lifetime and what kind of legacy we want to leave. Let’s lead with love, hope for a better tomorrow, a compassion for our fellow man, and a spiritual growth that inspires others to join us on our journey.

Life is a grand adventure, so let’s live in harmony, joy and peace. Let us cherish, respect and protect all that we’ve been blessed with and in doing so we will bless future generations with boundless natural gifts. Let’s make our world a better place, live with the Aloha Spirit!

So until we meet again, here’s a  big ALOHA! Pass it along to everyone you meet!

Question: “What are you willing to do today, to kickstart your Aloha Spirit and live an Aloha Life?

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